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    Terms & Conditions

    BestAgePartners e.K.

    A few words in advance, as unfortunately Conditions are very extensive and confusing time and not everyone wants to read this:

    In BestAgePartners there are no costs incurred by automatically and no other pitfalls. We're free to try. After the trial period your membership will automatically continue completely free and you can still use many features. Only if you even want an exclusive membership with all the features, you can finalize this completely independently and separately at fair prices.
    You will find this detail also again under § 5 costs.

    Terms and Conditions (as of 09/01/2012)

    § 1 Subject matter and scope
    BestAgePartners is a project of the company BestAgePartners eK, Silke Ruge, Am Antzweg 67b, 67112 Mutterstadt, Germany. BestAgePartners operates at the Internet address and other additional domains and IP addresses that are used by the service or its partners or offered, an Internet portal specifically for people in the "best age" where is no specific age statement serves as the basis - Below "BestAgePartners".
    To the offers of BestAgePartners include a topic, a special offer and other offers that are each available free of charge. It also contains a members with BestAgePartners Dating specifically. For the holiday and leisure market, different areas, a chat, favorites The aim should be for registered members, to find a suitable travel / activity partners. For the unrestricted use of the members area is required to register as a member. The membership is divided into a free Basic Membership (limited use) and a paid "Exklusive" Membership (all of its features). After registration, each member receives for a certain time an "exclusive" membership to the sample. After the end of the free trial period is a registered member of the fee-based continuing decide as exclusive-member or remain as a basic called "Test" member for free running. (See § 5 cost).

    The following terms and conditions apply to all legal relationships that are associated with the services of BestAgePartners. You define the conditions under which the use of BestAgePartners done. The user agrees on news email newsletters from BestAgePartners and informed their partners to be. For all users of BestAgePartners only these terms and conditions, even if the use of or access from outside the Federal Republic of Germany made.

    By taking advantage of BestAgePartners, in any form, a user makes a binding declaration that you have read these Terms and agree to be.

    § 2 Services

    A curious user can register in accordance with and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of BestAgePartners as a member, and create their own profile and showcase their profile on BestAgePartners. Registration is free and offers the user the ability to search for specific criteria independently BestAgePartners for travelling buddies.

    The production of a possibility of contact between users, depending on the current offer for free within a specific time period. After the free usage period, the user decides whether he will continue the membership fee (exclusive membership) or more free leads (basic membership). In an exclusive membership, a user can use all functions of BestAgePartners and fully establish contacts with other members. He can use the chat to contact.

    The chat will be available exclusively on the platform of BestAgePartners. The services offered by BestAgePartners is not the dating service, but merely opens BestAgePartners communications and provides information on various topics and other additional services. We assume no responsibility for a successful contact and therefore not for a successful contact or dating.

    Advertising, competitions or collaborations that are provided by third parties through advertisements or links and link to external websites are not covered by the services offered by BestAgePartners.

    These Terms and Conditions also apply to the domains that belong to BestAgePartners and the http://www to the main domain. is forwarded.

    § 3 Exclusive

    These terms and conditions apply exclusively. Any terms and conditions of the user or third party are valid only if BestAgePartners expressly and in writing agree. If the user should not be in agreement with this, he has written out BestAgePartners immediately. For this case BestAgePartners reserves the right to withdraw its offer without BestAgePartners can be levied against any claims whatsoever. Form the regular reference to their own terms and conditions, we hereby object.

    § 4 Conclusion

    By signing up/registration with BestAgePartners the user is a member of the Service and consents to be bound by the terms of this Agreement, so long as he remains a member.

    An acceptance of these terms and conditions also explain the people who use the services offered to non-members and / or without registration.

    Membership is solely for the personal use of the user. The User may not allow any other person to use his membership, and he may assign his or her account to any other person or entity, or otherwise transferred. The user warrants BestAgePartners that his given upon registration information (name, date of birth, address, etc.) correspond to the truth.

    BestAgePartners is entitled to verify the identity of the user based on demand for official documents. The user warrants to BestAgePartners therefore, all requested documents - forward - in particular the identity card.

    § 5 Costs

    Basic membership is free and allows limited use of the members area. Basic membership will automatically come into force when the free trial period of Exclusive-membership ends.
    The use of certain functions of BestAgePartners is paid (Exclusive membership). Members can choose from different lengths Member maturities. BestAgePartners reserves at any time to change. In the event of a price increase will take effect after the expiration of the current membership term. The member must increase the amount before the extension agree separately, otherwise terminates the membership fee. If you have any additional services it reserves BestAgePartners to demand for these extra services a further contribution. This is clearly mentioned in the appropriate location of the internet service.
    The prices for the paid EXCLUSIVE membership (after the end of the free trial period):

    30 days:     9,90 €

    90 days:   24,90 €

    180 days: 45,90 €

    365 days: 79,90 €

    Telecommunications costs and other expenses incurred by the user to access the services of BestAgePartners, the user has to carry.

    Payment is made in advance. Only after full receipt of the agreed remuneration for the desired period, the contact-possibility for one or more users who have set their profile at BestAgePartners be taken by the user to complete.

    The payment obligation arises independently of any actual use of the services of BestAgePartners by the user and will be due at the time in which the user logs in for the paid services. Payments can be made using the payment options that are provided by the payment processor Paypal for the services of BestAgePartners available and by bank transfer. Payments are processed exclusively rl through PayPal (Europe) S.à & Cie, S.C.A. 5th Floor 22-24 Boulevard Royal L-2449 Luxembourg, and by bank transfer to the account of BestAgePartners.

    § 6 Revocation


    The user may cancel a contract with regard to the membership within two weeks without giving reasons in text form (eg letter, fax, email). The period begins with the receipt of this notice. The revocation period is sufficient to send the cancellation. The revocation must be sent to:

    BestAgePartners e.K.

    Silke Ruge

    Postfach 1139

    D- 67106 Mutterstadt


    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    The right expires prematurely if the execution of the contract has begun with the explicit consent before the end of the revocation period.

    § 7 Warranty

    BestAgePartners can not guarantee that the database contains data from people who lead by matching the search profile to a hit. BestAgePartners can also not guarantee the success of a contact request. BestAgePartners simply provides the technical platform. A guarantee for a successful contact mediation can not be accepted. BestAgePartners accepts no liability if, within the contract period, no contact is even made.

    § 8 Termination of the contract

    The member has the right at any time to terminate the contract with immediate effect. The user is obliged in this case to pay yet he paid remuneration for services led by him to BestAgePartners or is not entitled to a refund of the fee paid to BestAgePartners. Withdrawal shall be effective through a mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. include your user name and password.

    The contract with BestAgePartners paid service contract (membership) will automatically expire after the end of the paid period of use without the need for notice.

    An affiliation agreement is possible. Before expiration of the current contract, a follow-on contract is closed, the new contract begins on the day following the expiry of the previous contract. For the new contract are valid, the current at the beginning of the contract of price conditions. An affiliation agreement establishes a new contract and will not lead to a reduction in the rate corresponding to the costs listed under graduation.

    BestAgePartners reserves the right to suspend or terminate access immediately when a violation of a provision of these terms and conditions by the user is known. The user is obliged in this case to pay fees paid by him are not exchanged for remuneration for services led by him to BestAgePartners or is not entitled to a refund of the fees paid to BestAgePartners Entgeldes.

    The possibility of BestAgePartners to statutory extraordinary termination remains unaffected.

    § 9 rights or other rights

    BestAgePartners including copyright, trademark and other proprietary protection materials (eg, text posts, graphics, images, logos and sounds) of BestAgePartners itself and its licensors, and licensees. In addition, users and members of BestAgePartners copyright protection or otherwise publish rights-protected content that enjoy protection even if this is not explicitly stated. All rights to programs, services, processes, software, technologies, trademarks, trade names, inventions and all material pertaining to BestAgePartners lie exclusively with BestAgePartners. The use of all programs and the content therein, materials, trademarks and trade names is solely for the purposes specified in these Terms and Conditions. A duplication of programs, services, processes, software, etc.-regardless for what purpose, is prohibited.

    Downloading or uploading and the other use of such material is only authorized where the Copyright Act expressly allowed, the use is permitted for personal use only. BestAgePartners users may reproduce the copyrighted material for BestAgePartners not to publish, reproduce, transmit, distribute or commercially exploit, either by conventional means or in electronic form.

    By participating in the allowed on the site exchange of information on the user bears BestAgePartners an irrevocable, perpetual right to the unrestricted use of his dues in the business purpose of BestAgePartners, in particular the rights of reproduction, publication, editing and for storage and publication in electronic media and databases.

    The user guarantees that its fees and / or images or files no rights of third parties.

    The same applies for by advertisers for any submitted text and images. The respective Affiliate warrants that the use of the material does not violate any third party rights.

    Members who commit themselves in when there are regional groups do so privately and without connection own business interests.

    § 10 Duties and Obligations of Members

    The user is assured with the registry is domiciled in Germany or the EU have to.

    Each member is obligated to treat e-mails and other messages confidentially and make them not accessible to third parties without the consent of its author. The same applies to names, phone and fax numbers, home and email addresses and / or URLs. The user is assured that the data given the truth and describe him personally. Or intentionally made fraudulent misrepresentations could lead to civil legal action. This leads to an immediate termination of contract. The compensation claim by BestAgePartners remains unaffected.

    Each user undertakes not to use the service offered by BestAgePartners abusive in any defamatory, offensive or illegal in any way material or information spread.

    BestAgePartners may not be used to threaten others, to harass or the rights (including moral rights) other hurt.

    The user undertakes not to upload any data that contain viruses, worms, Trojan horses contain (malicious software) that contain software or other material protected by copyright, unless the user is the owner of the applicable rights or has the required support for use of the software or material;

    Further, each user is obliged not to use the service in a way that affects the availability of offers for other disadvantage; 

    Any content or comments, make available or link through links that violate the law. This particularly applies to copyright, trademark, unfair competition, or other proprietary third party content, abusive, violent, threatening, offensive, discriminatory, defamatory, harmful to minors, obscene, pornographic or hate-causing or criminal acts;

    No nudity or other photos that contain personal information, publish. BestAgePartners reserves the right, but not the obligation, to reject any portrait or photo that does not meet these obligations;

    Intercept any e-mails and also not to try to catch them;

    E-mails to users for any purpose other than to send the personal and private communications, including Anpreisens or marketing of any goods or services to other members (except for cases where expressly permitted by BestAgePartners);

    No advertising, commercial offers, spam, junk e-mail, etc., chain letters to disseminate information 

    In publicly readable entries to name any names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses and URLs.

    His user name and password to protect against access by third parties and such information is not to any third party or not to allow third parties;to prevent multiple people use under their username and password from the services BestAgePartners;

    No business or commercial purposes to track the use of the services of BestAgePartners.

    Without prejudice to any civil or criminal consequences for the individual user authorized the non-observance of the above behavior obligations BestAgePartners in immediate termination of membership and usage license. The compensation claim by BestAgePartners remains unaffected.

    The user is responsible for all of it or using his access code produced and published content itself.

    The user is solely responsible for his contacts with other BestAgePartners members and users. BestAgePartners reserves the right, but not the obligation, to monitor disputes between you and other Members or users and / or settled by mediation.

    Where the user with his application combines business interests and / or used the data entrusted to third parties for commercial purposes and thereby violates one or more above rules of conduct, he is committed to BestAgePartners a penalty I of EUR 5.000, - for each to pay proven infringement. Further compensation claims remain unaffected.

    The author has no legal right to release its contents.

    Photos that BestAgePartners for publication within a profile are delivered must be current, and allow identification of the offending member. The face must be seen as a whole. BestAgePartners has no liability for the violation of existing rights of third parties, if appropriate to the visual material.

    BestAgePartners verified profiles on the available options for compliance with these Terms of Service. Nevertheless responsible BestAgePartners no responsibility for the content of profiles.

    Special rules apply in addition to the use of the chat.

    § 11 Data Security

    The user creates backup copies of the information presented on BestAgePartners content. The data of users on BestAgePartners are carefully secured. In the event of data loss, but entering the member is required to the respective databases again gratuitously provide BestAgePartners available.

    § 12 Operating

    The operation of the database system and other services are at the sole discretion of BestAgePartners. BestAgePartners not guarantee the uninterrupted proper operation or continuous usability and accessibility of the services offered BestAgePartners.

    BestAgePartners is authorized to suspend the services in whole or in part. In case of termination of the main service (report on database), the user receives sums paid back proportionately. In all other cases (change in service or termination of ancillary services (such as counseling is) not entitled to reimbursement or special termination.

    In general, the database system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. BestAgePartners strives to maximize the availability of the server, and thus the content and stored e-mail messages, but this can not guarantee or undertake here at certain parts availability. BestAgePartners does not guarantee uninterrupted availability of data. BestAgePartners excludes liability for losses due to technical breakdowns loss of data, interrupted data transfers or other problems.

    § 13 Independent service providers

    Services offered on the website of BestAgePartners from third parties may be subject to additional terms and conditions and for the member to be charged. The member is required to inform themselves before using the services of third parties through the Terms and Conditions and prices. BestAgePartners is neither a party nor a representative of a transaction between a member and a third party.

    § 14 Liability

    For the set of members and posts BestAgePartners Profiles assumes no liability. Furthermore BestAgePartners not be held responsible for incorrect information in the profiles. Each user agrees to BestAgePartners (including all employees of BestAgePartners) harmless from all claims asserted by third parties for its registration and / or membership fees at home and / or abroad. As far as membership fees have been set by prior registration of member data, the registered user BestAgePartners (or his staff) is also far from all claims of third parties, such as membership fees are set not by the registered member itself but by third parties. The aforementioned exemptions refer mainly, but not exclusively, to claims made by third parties for infringement of copyright or similar rights, or breach of competition legislation and because of abusive or otherwise illegal content. To the indemnification in particular the assumption of reasonable legal costs, the BestAgePartners or its employees and other agents and / or third parties.

    BestAgePartners makes no warranty that the site can be reached or that member contributions under the information exchange will be offered in time and completely. It also excludes all liability of BestAgePartners for technical usability of member contributions, in particular viruses mitübersandter files. A liability of BestAgePartners for sites referenced with links will not take place. BestAgePartners makes no representation that the data and information that the users themselves have disclosed to third parties, are getting abused.

    BestAgePartners offers its members the opportunity to organize themselves into regional groups and support as members in the publication of dates and venues. A liability for these regional groups does not expressly BestAgePartners. The regional groups are organized by the members private.

    BestAgePartners is not liable for the unauthorized acquisition of personal information by third parties BestAgePartners users (eg by unauthorized access by "hackers" to the database of BestAgePartners).

    In any case, the liability of BestAgePartners is limited to intent and gross negligence.

    § 15 Monitoring

    BestAgePartners reserves the right, but not the obligation, to monitor the in the public areas of BestAgePartners published material. The service has discretionary power to decide whether the members of the available material there remains but is offered or taken from the server. Nevertheless, the customer remains solely responsible for the material that he in public areas of BestAgePartners and in his private e-mail messages make accessible. Sent between the client and other members of BestAgePartners emails that are not the general public will be treated as private by BestAgePartners.

    BestAgePartners distanced fundamentally from defamatory statements made by Members in the forum, blog, chat, etc. If BestAgePartners become aware of such comments, committed BestAgePartners deletion of the respective contributions. Members are obliged to inform the operator on such statements.

    § 16 Data Protection

    All registration information, profile data, bank details and other personal data are subject to our Privacy Policy. This can be viewed here:

    § 17 Other Provisions

    Use of the Site is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The rules of the E-commerce directive of the European Union or the German law enforces them through the reporting requirements and the contract shall not apply if they are not mandatory. Jurisdiction for all disputes is the mother city.

    If any provision of these Terms is invalid or incomplete or the validity of the remaining terms and conditions shall remain unaffected.

    BestAgePartners reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and in a reasonable manner. For the current Terms and Conditions can be viewed at any time via the website.

    BestAgePartners is entitled at any time to a user in violation or suspected violation lock of these Terms and Conditions of access to the services offered to exclude him from future use and to delete the selected profile data and any communication to another user : Stop here:  http://

    BestAgePartners reserves the right to violations of these Terms towards damages, eg because of loss of reputation, to claim it. In this case, the minimum amount of compensation € 5.000, -.

    This is according to § 33, para 1 BDSG and § 4 Teleservices Data Protection Regulation inform you that BestAgePartners process the data of members in machine readable form.

    Jurisdiction of BestAgePartners Mutterstadt, Germany

    Mutterstadt, 01.09.2012