Membership "Test":
how it works

Test the communitie's advantages.
Includes all features of the membership "Exclusiv".
Available for a certain time-period!
After expiry, you'll keep your general user account and thus book a membership again at any time.

Membership "EXKLUSIV":
how it works

Search and find ideal travel partners.
Show your profile so others contact you.
Get in touch.
real-time chat with other members (full control who's in your contact list is yours)
Benefit from our special trip offers.

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    What is is a nationwide travel and leisure partner exchange on the Internet, especially for people in the "best age"., Where we best not specify the age of a person at a certain age. Experience shows that people feel here but raised from 45 years.

    We offer a secure and legitimate framework for fast, convenient and non-binding finding a travel partner or for leisure.


    To successfully log in, you first need your own email address. If you do not have your own email address, so you can quickly, easily and for free from various vendors such as gmail, yahoo, web, set, etc..

    In possession of a current email address you can sign up under

    Click to sign up for free now and then in the application form a self-chosen user name and password. To protect your anonymity, we recommend choosing the user name urgently to ensure that he does not allow any conclusions about your real name. Then click on "Create Account".

    Next, you will automatically receive in your personal e-mail account (eg hotmail, yahoo), an e-mail from In this email, you must click on the activation link. You will be automatically redirected to the home page of There you can now easily log in with your user name and password.

    The importance of your profile

    By creating a personal profile, you have the opportunity to describe your Reisepartenrsuche very accurate. Experience shows that users are contacted with a few details to almost never, therefore we recommend that you fill out your profile broadly.

    {slide Create profile}

    Your personal profile is already created almost entirely at the first BestAgePartners Create your user account.

    • Do not click on Create Account.

    • Fill in at least the required fields and decide whether your profile will also zusäztlichen contact options appear next to the chat and e-mail address.

    • Enter all points on which you think is important and it could make for another interesting.

    Click on the button below the form to create your account first.

    On the "My Profile" you can use other options are available to input your interests regarding travel - it is recommended that this also be completed so that potential travelers can search and find these details.

    username & password change

    You can change both, by clicking on a link on the page click "My Profile" at the bottom. We recommend that you change your user name is not often, as so interesting people you chatting can find further. There you will be presented with your user name.

    Forgotten your password and / or username

    Click on the home page in the login form on the appropriate link and follow the instructions.

    The importance of your photos

    Did you know that members who introduce themselves with an image can be contacted more frequently? Not to mention, the first impression counts, often says more than 1000 words a smile. Consider it, if you hesitate to upload a photo!
    Your photo may only have certain dimensions - 40x40 - 280x280 pixels, and must not be larger than 1MB - please be aware of this measure aimed primarily to the fact that your profile page is always good and fast.

    Change your Photo

    You can always change your photo under "My Profile".

    My Chat Photo

    For real-time chat on you have the ability to upload another, deviating from your profile photo image. In this case too, it is a nice photo increases your chances of contacts! 



    The chat "hidden". Under the thick gray bar at the bottom of the screen You can look for the sign on the right side of the bar click to access the functions.

    Our real-time chat offers you the possibility to get in direct contact with interesting people. Unless the other person is logged in at the same time, you can find him at his user name and communicate directly. Is not the person you want to present, sent messages are kept up to 3 days and read at the next login.

    You can decide on your friends list who you want to display. Chatting, users are presented with your user name, not the real name.

    (You can use this example as a favorite in your Lieblingsbrower) you will find the user name on the profile page, which is accessible via the search function, or if you are logged directly in the address bar in the browser.


    Who can participate in the chat?

    Who is allowed to participate at all members of with a valid membership (test or Exclusive). Other users are not available there.

    The Chatiquette

    More specifically, in the chat etiquette. Go respectful, polite, friendly and well-mannered to one another. Even if you can remain anonymous in the protected area, so do not forget you, especially your good manners!

    Other Members

    Upon entering the chat you can see all that are available in chat room members, or only your friends list. We leave that to your form on the day!

    types of memberships

    We offer you a free trial membership first "test" to. Depending on the offer, you can use all functions of this free for a few days. After the trial period do not must automatic cost!

    After the trial period, you will always get your account so that you can always book an exclusive membership at different prices, staggered according to maturity. Also here you will get after the selected time the user account. It not incur any costs. You can always check this book again in an "Exclusive membership".

    Members without a valid sample or exclusive membership are not available in the chat and not even be actively looking for travel partners, as the other people do not see us in their profile.

    Newsletter members are always up to date! You will regularly receive a newsletter via e-mail, which they informed about the happenings at, current issues etc..

    Of course, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. Simply enter your email address and your name newsletter module on the left side of the website and click on the remove button.

    length of membership

    After the end of the free trial period runs from your membership automatically, your account remains, however (until you want to delete this, please contact us in the event that we can delete your account entirely). But in order to use all functions of continue fully, you can take out an exclusive membership. Set yourself how long your exclusive membership should last at Whether 1 month, 3 months, six months or a year. Depending on your member duration, there is also the related contributions.

    Cost & membership fees

    Costs only if you after your free trial period would like to continue your Plus membership at fair prices. Otherwise, you can continue as a Basic Member free active.

    For our prices please see our >>price list <<

    membership fee & Payment

    You generally pay the payment form of Paypal.

    If you choose PayPal, your membership will be immediately provided after successful payment with the appropriate access rights, because communication with the PayPal servers, this allows (PayPal Instant Payment Notifier).

    Paypal is a reputable and respected company for the settlement of payments online. Please contact Paypal different ways of payment. By direct debit, credit card, via immediate transfer. This is not only fast and convenient, but is also safe.

    About paypal please visit

    You can also pay your membership fee. Just ask for the account details on the support and transfer the post under your user name. We then manually create your access rights. Please note that this route can take several business days to claim until you can use your new membership in full.


    If you happen not to be satisfied with, we would appreciate a quick response from our support team. Based on clearly-called criticisms we can continue to work concretely, avoid future mistakes and improve our service. Thanks for your Supports.


    A termination of the membership is not required, as in any automatic costs incurred. Of course you can have your account yet always delete or end a current paid membership. You must send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please also read our terms and conditions.


    Our maxim of discretion. Your profile information is visible only under BestAgern, they will not be passed to third parties, yet you are not logged-in users intelligible. You can determine the "My profile", if you are presented with your user name or your real name.

    questions, problems, criticism and suggestions

    For questions, problems, comments and suggestions, we are always at your e-mail or phone.

    Before you contact us directly, but you should look here first up. Perhaps explains already one or the other question? If not please contact us here for free, quickly and easily by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or our telephone support

    Mon - Fri 17-20.00 p.m.

    Phone:  +49 152 28768143

    With the use of the search market, you agree to the terms and conditions of BestAgePartners.

    Conditions of Use

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