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    Why BestAgePartners?

    BestAgePartners is a nationwide Travel - and Leisure-time Partner-Portal on the Internet, specializing on „best age“ persons. The best age though is really not limited to a very certain age range, it's more how everyone looks at this, although mainly people from 35 and above are joining us. 

    We provide a protected, efficient and nice, yet uncommittally frame for your search for travel and leisure time partners.

    10 reasons, why you should sign up!  

    • Because you find your ideal holliday partner here!  
    • Because BestAgePartners has a long-term experience! 
    • Because we are no 'classic' single or partner portal!
    • Because you don't find hidden costs at BestAgePartners!
    • Because you can look for a travel partner for free!
    • Because we know, what BestAgers want!
    • Because you can look for and be found as an ideal match! 
    • Because we'll manage the best time of the year for you!
    • Because we are really reliable!
    • Because we only work with top tour providers!


    BestAgePartners offers you an exclusive travel portal, especially suited to the needs of singles. Thus, not only the 'classic' single, but also couples are welcome and will find matching persons who don't like to travel alone.


    BestAgePartners is not a single or partner portal. We want you to find the ideal travel partner. You still should remember to be patient to a certain extend:

    There is a lot of interests out there

    BUT people have to really match,

    so your holiday will become unforgettable.

    That's what BestAgePartners stands for!

    Sign up free and not binding here!


    Together with TOP Partner BestAgeHolidays we also provide Trips and Special-Events for every taste. Even individual travel requirements can be organized. No matter if intercontinental flights, accomodation, group trips, round trips, ski trips, hotels, wellness, club holidays, sightseeing, day tours or ship cruises – there is almost not limit. In co-operation with the best Touristik-Partners you'll find top offers at top prices.

    Our Special-Events are always individual packages – let them inspire you!  

    You have questions? Please look up "Frequently Asked Questions" to find your answer.

    Or contact us via E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.